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How to find installed Version of eConnect

I often use to get errors on eConnect whenever i deploy my integration on the client machine and hence thought of figuring out to fine the installed version of eConnect on client PC, after browsing through the documents and the database i was finally able to retrieve the version of eConnect installed. Below is the script which gives the installed version of eConnect exec DYNAMICS..taeConnectVersionInfoDYNAMICS Run and execute the above script in SQL Query window, the SP retrieves three columns […]

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Unit Accounts and Beginning Balances in Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a great feature called Unit Accounts, which can be used to store nonfinancial or statistical data. Unit Accounts are set up in their own window on the financial cards menu and can be used for reporting in Management Reporter, FRx and other reporting tools. For example, many health care providers track patient days and need to produce financial reports with that information. One issue that can arise with unit accounts is the year-to-date amounts roll over to a beginning […]


How to create a Dexsql.log file to troubleshoot error messages in Microsoft Dynamics GP

When you receive an error message in Microsoft Dynamics GP, a Dexsql.log file is a helpful tool that can frequently provide more information to troubleshoot issues. If you can re-create the error message, the Dexsql.log file can capture this information. To create a Dexsql.log file, follow these steps: Open the Dex.ini file. By default, this file is in the following location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Data Locate the following statements in the Dex.ini file: SQLLogSQLStmt=FALSE SQLLogODBCMessages=FALSE SQLLogAllODBCMessages=FALSE If the statements are currently set to […]


Management Reporter FAQ’s

What is Management Reporter? Management Reporter is a real-time financial reporting application designed to empower information workers to quickly and easily create, generate, secure, and publish financial statements, such as Profit and Loss (P&L) statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports. Management Reporter uses an intuitive approach to report design combined with a robust architecture and a user interface that will be familiar to users of other popular Microsoft applications. With Management Reporter, business users can create their own boardroom-quality reports without IT assistance; take […]

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Business Benefits of Management Reporter

Management Reporter supplements your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution to take advantage of information and deliver accurate, timely, and comprehensive financial reports in custom formats. It gives users at all levels of the organization the tools they need to gain insight into business performance and make rapid, informed decisions. With Management Reporter, you can: Get rapid results. Streamline financial reporting and analysis to gain insight and respond quickly to new business opportunities and market trends with professional, cost-effective reports that are easy to create, distribute, and […]

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FAQ on Reconcile to GL Tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Reconcile To GL tool generates a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet to match transactions in Payables Management or Receivables Management that were posted to General Ledger. This process does not generate correcting transactions. However, this process can help you determine the transaction differences that are listed in this section. To open the “Reconcile to GL” window, point to Tools >>Microsoft Dynamics GP >>Routines>>Financial>>Reconcile to GL. There are some common question that may help you in looking on this tool. […]

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Reprint Bank Reconciliation Reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP

There may be a case where you need to reprint Bank reconciliation for which Microsoft Dynamics GP allows to do the same, below are the steps to reprint bank reconciliation. On the Reports menu, point to Financial, and then click Bank Posting Journals. The following reports can be reprinted: Reconciliation Journal: Select this option to reprint the Reconciliation Posting Journal. Bank Deposit Journal: Select this option to reprint the Bank Deposit Posting Journal. Bank Transaction Journal: Select this option to reprint the Bank Adjustments […]

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Dynamics Management Reporter

Management Reporter is a specialized financial reporting solution that allows users to create powerful reports in minutes. This application allows executives, managers, and front-line employees to gain access to the information they need when they need it and where they need it. There are 3 basic building blocks in Management Reporter. The first building block is called a row definition. A row definition defines the descriptive lines (for example, sales or sales returns) on a report. It also lists the account […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 What’s New

A few of our favorite new features in Dynamics GP 2013 are as below. Web Access—Provide employees easy access to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 with the new web client.  They can now connect and contribute no matter where they are, via PC or mobile device. Flexible deployment options—Choose an on premise, cloud or hybrid deployment model to give your business the tools it needs to adapt quickly, while keeping IT costs under control. Application Service Console—Achieve flexibility without sacrificing security, […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Overview

As GP 2013 introduced with web client on its cards, which is a thin client and enables the below features Browser delivered Dynamics GP Leverage Silverlight and .Net Logic still remains with Dexterity Most of the ISV Products compatible Secure Connection Gives customer greater choice  and flexibility Hosting GP got easier and more cost effective Below are some useful links on the topic MS Dynamics GP”12” Web Client Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Infrastructure Overview Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web […]

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