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Management Reporter is a specialized financial reporting solution that allows users to create powerful reports in minutes. This application allows executives, managers, and front-line employees to gain access to the information they need when they need it and where they need it. There are 3 basic building blocks in Management Reporter.

The first building block is called a row definition. A row definition defines the descriptive lines (for example, sales or sales returns) on a report. It also lists the account codes or dimensions that contain the values for each line item and includes row formatting and calculations.1

The second building block is called a column definition. 1 A column definition defines the time period to use when extracting data from the financial data source. It also includes column formatting and calculations.

The third building block is called a reporting tree definition. A reporting tree definition is similar to an organizational chart. It contains individual reporting units that represent each box in the chart. These units can be either individual departments from the financial data or higher-level units that summarize data from other reporting units.

Together these three building blocks give users the flexibility to define a virtually unlimited number of reports to meet their business needs. The report definition process is designed in such a way that the average end user can get access to the critical business information they need quickly and easily.

Another feature built into Management Reporter that simplifies the report creation process is the Report Wizard. The Report Wizard gives you the choice between creating one of five different financial reports including a balance sheet, three types of income statements and a trial balance.

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